FOCUS TEST FTI 1000 For Sale

Model Year: N/A
Quantity: 1
Condition: Excellent operational condition
Serial No: TBD
Availability: Immediate


The MOSFET AC parameters tested by the FTI 1000 include Inductive Load (UIL/UIS), Gate Charge (Qg, Qgs, Qgd), Gate Resistance (Rg), Gate Capacitance (Cg, Ciss) and high voltage Switching/Timing Tests. FTI 1000 also offers analog test resources to enable Smart Power devices to be tested.

FTI 1000: Power Management IC Test

FTI 1000 performs IC and Multi-Chip Module testing using the IC Channel Board equipped with:

- Multiple Quad VI’s
- Pulse Generators
- Comparators
- Digital Instruments
- C Bits with Readback
- Additional channel boards can be added, depending on the required configuration, and each channel board can be synchronized by a cabled ‘Sync Bus’



Fully operational tester.   Just removed from test floor in September 2022.

This tester can be sold with Accretech (TSK) UF200A prober as a test cell. 

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