Credence Kalos

Our core offering includes new and refurbished Credence Kalos line of memory testers and associated spare parts and services.

Why Credence Kalos testers from GCE ?

  • High level factory trained senior engineers on staff full time
  • 3000 SqFt ATE sales and service center in Taiwan
  • The largest inventory worldwide of Credence Kalos testers and spare parts for sale
  • Performance guaranteed to be in full compliance with original tester specification
  • Installation, warranty, training, and after sale support offered worldwide
  • Comprehensive spare parts program with spare parts available to ship immediately


Featured Credence Kalos

Kalos 2 HEXpins: upto 768, Tester Speed: 200MHZ2
Kalos HEXpins: upto 768, Tester Speed: 50MHZ14
PK1, Personal Kalos 1pins: upto 96, Tester Speed: 50MHZ4
PK2, Personal Kalos 2 pins: upto 192, Tester Speed: 200MHZ4


Credence Kalos Tester Selection Chart: