Canon Steppers

Our core offering includes refurbished Canon wafer steppers and associated spare parts and services.

Why Canon Steppers from GCE ?

  • Proven solutions for Si, GaAs, SiC, Sapphire, Glass, and other exotic substrates
  • Wafer Size Options: 4" ,  6" ,  8"  (smaller substrates possible with carrier wafer)
  • Reticle Size Options:  5" ,  6"
  • Each stepper configured and optimized for customer's specific application
  • Performance guaranteed to be in full compliance with original new tool specification
  • Installation, warranty, training, and after sale support offered worldwide
  • Comprehensive spare parts program with spare parts available to ship immediately
  • High level factory trained senior engineers on staff full time
  • 3000 SqFt Lithography Lab Cleanroom within 13,500 SqFt facility in Livermore, CA
  • The largest inventory worldwide of Canon FPA-3000 steppers & spare parts for sale


Featured Canon Steppers

FPA-3000 EX5 DUV StepperRes: 0.22um, Align: 40nm, Field: 22mm1
FPA-3000 i4 StepperRes: 0.35um, Align: 60nm, Field: 22mm, i-Line1
FPA-3000 iW StepperRes: 0.8um, Align: 100nm, Field: 50mm, i-Line1

Canon Stepper Selection Chart: