NEXTEST Magnum 1 PV For Sale

Model Year: N/A
Quantity: 1
Condition: Excellent operational condition
Serial No: 448076
Availability: Immediate


- Wafer sort applications from engineering to high volume production
- 512 I/O pins 128/256 Power
- Single chassis manipulator mount

- NOR Flash / NAND Flash / SRAM / DRAM / EEPROM

Single, Scalable Platform
- Scales from low-channel count engineering solutions to high-channel count production solutions with superior throughput and high parallel test efficiency
- One platform tests a variety of memory and logic devices, including Memory, Embedded Memory and Logic Test

Multisite Architecture
- Highly parallel tester architecture automates the task of testing up to 640 devices in parallel

All I/O channels

- Maximizes utilization of tester resources and maximizes parallelism
- Provides maximum flexibility in mapping memory and logic devices into the available pin resources

ECR Memory per DUT

- Each DUT's failure information is captured into unique memory space and is not shared with other DUTs
- Each of 64 I/O pins failure are addressed abd mapped into unique memory space for highly parallel error capture performance


Fully operational tester.   Just removed from test floor in September 2022.

ESMO Manipulator is included

Test interface is not included

Prober is not included




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