NEXTEST Maverick 2 SST For Sale

Model Year: 2004
Quantity: 3
Condition: Complete system
Serial No: Available upon request
Availability: SOLD


Nextest Maverick 2 systems test a range of devices, including flash and other types of memory, logic devices, microcontrollers, smart cards and other SOCs. They are used throughout the IC design and manufacturing process, including research and development, manufacturing and quality assurance.

66/133 MHz Test Rate
upto 2 sites, 1 controller per site
128 digital pins
4 Algorithmic Pattern Generators
36M Data Buffer Memory
4M Vector Memory
36M Error Catch Memory 3
2M Scan Memory

Board Level configuration as follows:

Tester#1) SN:  824222

  • APG, blank, PE2, PE3, PE4

Tester#2) SN:  824223

  • APG, PE1, PE2, PE3, PE4
  • APG, PE1, PE2, PE3, PE4

Tester#3) SN:  824254

  • APG, PE1, PE2, PE3, PE4


Also available separately:

Calibration DUT Board, SN 961067
EZ Prom
PWB: 503446 Rev 1
PWA: 503709 Rev 5



Testers are guaranteed to pass CAL/Diagnostics.

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