Model Year: 2001
Quantity: 1
Condition: Refurbished system
Serial No: Available upon request
Availability: SOLD


Performance Specifications:
Image Resolution: 3nm (30A) at 0.8kv Accelerating Voltage
Accelerating Voltage Range: 0.5kv to 1.3kv
Working Distance: Fixed
Magnification Range: 1 kx to 300 kx
Measurement Range: 0.1 to 2.0 u
Reproducibility: 3 nM
Measurement Mode: Full Feature, Multi-Feature
Throughput: 45 Wafers/Hour
SEM Images: 1kx to 300kx, Guaranteed Reproducibility 40kx ti 200kx
Stage Position Control: Linear Scale Feedback

System Configuration:

Currently Configured for 200mm Wafer Sizes
Cassette Interface (Loader Unit):
Asyst Integrated SMIF
MECS Robot/Cntrl
Leybold Turbo with controller

Stage & Inspection Unit: X, Y Travel Range: 0 – 200mm

Control Unit
System Software:
HOST: : v12.41
SEM: 12.43
IPS: 12.40 (4500)
HV: 04.02
Stage: 01.07
Evac: 2.01
DSP: 11.10
WT: 4.05

Support Option(s):
Defect Inspection
Mag Max X300k
Auto Vid
Multi-point measurement
Save to Dos FD
Edge Roughness
Ip Read
Hole measurement
Reduced Scan
Operator Access
Defect Type KLA
Image Enhancement
Image Database
Fast AFC

MO Drive: 640MB
Thermal Printer
Video Printer
SECS / GEM Interface

Vacuum Isolation Block & Hoses

Power Unit
Power Requirements: 208VAC, 6kVA, 1 Phase, 50A, Freq 60 Hz

Our turnkey offering includes the following:
• The system is guaranteed to be in full compliance with original specs
• Full demonstration for pre-shipment acceptance at GCE facility
• Installation, start up, and training at customer's facility worldwide
• 3 month parts and labor warranty  (6 and 12 month warranty can be quoted)
• Unlimited support by email and phone calls


GCE offers tools for Lithography module.  This includes wafer steppers, tracks, CDSEM and overlay systems.  Systems in each of those categoeies are in stock and can be offered refurbished with installation and support worldwide by our team of seasoned professionals.  If you are setting up a new fab or lab, ask us how we can provide to you a solution for litho module tools.  All in one package.  Please contact us to learrn more about this offfering.

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