LEO DSM 940a SEM EBL For Sale

Model Year: 1997
Quantity: 1
Condition: Complete system
Serial No: Available upon request
Availability: SOLD


LEO DSM 940a SEM with Raith Elphy Plus Electron Beam Lithography upgrade

Resolution: 4 nm (W), 3.5 nm (LaB6)

Acceleration voltage range: 490V to 30 kV

15x - 300Kx at 7mm working distance
40x - 300Kx at 4mm working distance
Beam currents for a W cathode: 1 pA and 3 uA with beam current stability better than 0.1%/h
Chamber size:  270W x 310D x 170H (mm)

RAITH Elphy Plus nanolithography conversion system  (added in 2005)
- 16 bit digital pattern generator
- 2" Interferometric laser stage: Laser, control units
- Beam blanker
- Raith Elphy Plus software package, version 3.0
- Pattern generator frequencies: Up to 2.66 MHz
- Minimum dwell time: 375 ns

Standard SE detector and CCD camera

Roughing pump is not included



This system has been powered down since 2009.  It is being offered in as-is condition.  It is located at AMO facility in Aachen, Germany.

There are two known issues:

  • Due to a faulty IC in the extractor current meter circuit, the extractor current cannot be measured at the moment, therefore no beam can be shaped.
  • The laser stage does not work properly. This might be caused by a rough fiber facet at the interface between the laser source and the stage

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