AIXTRON G5 WW C Planetary Reactor For Sale

Model Year: 2022
Quantity: 1
Condition: New
Serial No: 1001703380
Availability: Immediate


AIX GS WW C Planetary Reactor for deposition on 8 x150 mm wafers

Computer control system
MES interface SECS II/GEM for MOVPE systems (incl. router)

Standard metalorganic channel [MOG1] with 2 LOTO hand valves as customer interface; bubbler placed outside GMS cabinet

Combined standard and dilution metalorganic channel

Standard gas channel with pusher, for low flow
(1xNN, 1xHCI)

Triple-Cascading standard gas channel with pusher

Combined standard and dilution/dopant gas channel

Additional pusher for MO-G4

Carrier gas channel (Dummy line) for balancing gas flow switching
(1xR/V Center, 1xR/V Bottom)

MO-differential run/vent pressure balancing
(1xMO, 1xR/V center)

MO-Vac High Pressure Purge

Epison 5

EpiCurve TT® AR 3W
Automatic Feed Forward incl. Autosat


Spare provision for standard purifier HCI
Spare provision for standard purifier (C3H8)
Single Port Hygrometer incl. valve and housing (H2/N2))
Ar limiter

Automatic  Cassette to Cassette wafer handler for high temperature operation (600C)



This reactor is brand new. Just delivered and installed at a US based facility. Due to change in process, the user is willing to sell this reactor.

Please contact us for details !

General information and option for this type of reactor can be found on OEM's website link below:


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