FEI 800 FIB For Sale

Model Year: 1994
Quantity: 1
Condition: Good operational condition
Serial No: Available upon request
Availability: SOLD


  • Ion Beam Data: Ga, 5kV to 30kV,  
  • Beam current : 5pA to 11.5nA ( 10 )
  • Loadlock: Sample entry through hatch at top of loadlock  
  • Specimen: 200mm diameter wafer, allow specimen thickness of maximum 6mm. 
  • Motion Stacking Order : Tilt, X, Y, Rotation, Z; Tilt=0 to 52, Rotation =+ 360 continuous
  • Detector: MCP -  Secondary Electron mode , Secondary Ion mode
  • GAS: Metal deposition,  insulator etch and metal etch
  • Computer/Software: MS Windows 3.11, FEI Ionmill 5.21  
  • Real time Monitor : Displays image of scanned area during continuous imaging, milling and deposition.  
  • Joystick for stage control
  • Vacuum System: Turbomolecular Pump ,mechanical Pump




The system is installed in a lab and is in excellent operational condition. For serious inquiries, operational inspection can be arranged.

Tool relocation services with installation, start up, and training are available and can be quoted upon request. 

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