GATAN 691 PIPS For Sale

Model Year: 1999
Quantity: 1
Condition: Refurbished system
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Gatan 691 PIPS is a user friendly bench top, precision ion polisher designed to produce high quality TEM specimens. Ion polishing is done by two miniature Penning ion guns (PlGs) aimed at glancing angles of incidence to the specimen. Low sputtering angles have the advantage of minimizng radiation damage and beam heating while at the same time producing specimens having exceptionally large, clean electron transparent areas.


Specimen preparation times for dimpled specimens can vary from 0.5 to 2 hours depending on the initial specimen thickness. Specimens are mounted on the GATAN single side specimen post in order to minimize specimen contamination by secondary sputtering. The specimen post also provides an excellent heat sink which stops specimens from becoming overheated by the ion beam.


Ion source:

  • Ion source - Penning type with miniature rare earth magnets (two ion guns per system)
  • Ion energy - 1 keV to 6keV (double or single sector beam modulation may be selected)
  • Gas throughput - 0.1cc of argon/minute per gun (CAIBE iodine gas throughput is negligible)
  • Beam diameter - about 350,um FWHM at specimen at 5keV
  • Beam alignment - x/y micrometer drives tilt guns up to ±2°. Angle set with aid of viewing screen 



  • Oil free pumping - four-stage diaphragm pump backing a 20l/s molecular drag pump
  • Pressure - 5 x 10-6 torr base pressure, 2 x 10-5 to 2 x 10-4 torr operating pressure
  • Vacuum gauge - Penning type for specimen chamber. Solid state sensor for backing pump.
  • Specimen airlock - GATAN Whisperlok, specimen exchange time <30 seconds 


Specimen Size:

  • Size - 3mm diameter, dimpled to a thickness of about 40um at specimen center
  • Mounting - GATAN patented single side specimen stub
  • Rotation - variable from 1 to 6 rpm (inactive sector 12 rpm during beam modulation mode)
  • Viewing - x80 microscope allows specimen viewing in airlock and working position
  • Sputter shield - specimen viewing window is protected by a pneumatically operated shutter 


Dimensions and Utilities:

  • Overall size - 560mmW x 360mmD x 410mmH (22"W x 14"D x 21"H)
  • Shipping weight - 45kg (1001b)
  • Power - 240 watts (user to specify voltage and frequency)
  • Gas/water - Argon gas at 20 psi (other inert gases may be used)l no water cooling required


The tool is guaranteed to meet OEM specs.


Please contact us for more details and price quote.


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