KLA-Tencor 7700M Surfscan For Sale

Model Year: N/A
Quantity: 1
Condition: Refurbished system
Serial No: Available upon request
Availability: SOLD


KLA Tencor 7700 Patterned / Unpatterned wafer inspection system With Microscope
- Can detect defects as small as 0.15µm
- Wafer size: 4" - 8"
- 30mW Argon-Ion laser,488nm
- Sensitivity: 0.15 um
- Repeatability: Count error less than 1.5% on a standard deviation
- High sensitivity on after-etch and high topography applications
- Dual collection channels
- Circular input polarization
- Multi scan
- Multi-threshold capability 
- Auto learn
- Programmable spatial filer
- Count repeatability error, 1.5% at 1 standard deviation
- Mean count 500, 0.5mm diamater latex spheres standard
- High speed digital signal processing
- Off-axis collection with programmable spatial filter
- Variable collection aperature
- Variable polarization 
- Count repeatability error ,1.5% at 1 standard deviation
- Mean count.500, 0.5mm diameter latex spheres standard
System can be purchased in as-is-where-is condition or fully refurbished with original specs guarantee.
Our refurbishment process consists of at least the following:
- New Laser
- Optics and mirrors cleaned or replaced, if required
- Power supply checked and replaced, if required
- Optics alignment
- Full calibration to confirm original specs compliance


Alternatively, this system can also be purchased in as-is-where-is condition from our ebay store:

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