CANON FPA-3000 MR Stepper For Sale

Model Year: 1998
Quantity: 1
Condition: Refurbished system
Serial No: Available upon request
Availability: SOLD


Wafer: 4",5",6" or 8" (Notch or Flat)
Reticle: 6" Square

General Specification and Information:
Model:  FPA 3000 MR
First year available:  1996
Lens Type:  UL51
Stage Type:  ABS (Air Guided Bearing)
Chamber Type:  CD80

Projection Optics:
Projection Magnification: 1/2 X
Exposure Light: 365nm
Numerical Aperture:  0.24
Field Size:  50X50mm ~ 47.9~52.0mm

Standard Illumination:
Exposure Light:  i-Line
Light Source:  2.0KW Super High Pressure Hg Lamp
Intensity:  >2500W/m2
Uniformity:  < 1.5%
Masking Blade:  4 blades independent (1.0X1.0mm~52X52mm on wafer)

Printing Performance:
Resolution:  <0.8µm
Depth of Focus:  >4.0µm
Image Field Deviation:  <2.5µm
Distortion:  <±0.11µm

Focus/Leveling Performance:
Focus Repeatability:  <0.10µm (3sigma)
Leveling Repeatability:  <7ppm (3sigma)
Minimum Compensation:  Range >100ppm
Wafer Alignment Performance:
Lighting Source:  He-Ne Laser, Broad Band(Halogen Lamp)
Signal Process:  TV Image Processing
System:  Off Axis TTL
Mode:  AGA

Standard Stage Specification:
Step Accuracy:  <0.05µm (3sigma)
Scaling:  <±1.0ppm
Orthogonality:  <±1.0ppm

Standard Alignment Specification:
Reticle Rotation Accuracy:  <±0.02µm
Wafer Alignment:  <0.10µm mean + 3sigma
Reticle Rotation Repeatability:  <0.05µm)

Standard Size:  6" square t=0.25" ( Patticle checker)
Material:  Quartz
Pattern Material:  2 layer CR, 3 Layer CR
Pellicle Frame:  Pattern Side only Stand Off= 6.3mm

Reticle Particle Checker Specification:

Detection Resolution
Pattern Surface:  >0.6µm
Glass Surface:  >15µm
Pellicle Surface:  >20µm

Detection Repeatability: 
Wafer Size:  Standard 8” ( 6” thru 8” SEMI Standard, JEIDA,Notch / Flat, Optional)
Throughput:  115wph (14 shot)50mm ( 8” Wafer)
Throughput:  120wph (9 shot)50mm ( 6” Wafer)
Environmental Chamber Specification: N/A
Cleanness:   Class 1(>0.1µm)

Chamber Specifications:
Chamber Type:  CD80
Air Conditioner:  Y75-4105 (TWH-301JA-A TH297 JA)
Refrigerant:  R22
Gram (g):  5000
Pounds (lbs):  11.02

Pictures are for illustration purpose only and they are of a similar system we sold recently.



This Canon MR Stepper is being offered fully refurbished with installation and 3 months parts and labor warranty worldwide. Refurbishment lead time is estimated at 3 months. Full operational demo for buy off at our facility. We are also offering TEL ACT 8, Single Block, i-line, Coater/Developer from our stock. Turn-key Stepper/Track package can be quoted at very attractive price.

Please contact us to discuss this, if you have near term or long term need.


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