CANON FPA-2500 i3 Stepper For Sale

Model Year: 1996
Quantity: 5
Condition: Good operational condition
Serial No: 510691,404573, 401555, 312547, 311540
Availability: Immediate


This item with SN401555 is presently being sold via an online auction that will start on December 5th and end on December 6th, 2018.  If you are interested in bidding, please visit the auction at the following link to submit your bid:
GCE Canon i3 Stepper (SN 401555) Auction Link

Wafer Size = 8" for steppers with serial# : 404573,401555,312547,311540
Wafer Size = 6" for steppers with serial# : 510691

Reticle Size: 5" square for steppers with serial# : 404573,401555,312547,311540
Reticle Size: 6" square for steppers with serial# : 510691

Original published performance specs of stepper when new :
Resolution: 0.40 μm
Alignment: 100nm
Uniformity: ≤ 1.2 %
Intensity:  5500 W/m2

≥ 68 wafers/hour (6”, 32 shots)
≥ 44 wafers / hour (8”, 60 shot)

General specifications:
Magnification: 1/5 X
Image Field: 20mm x 20mm
Numerical Aperture: 0.52 ~ 0.60
Illumination Light Source: 1.5KW Super High Pressure Hg Lamp

Alignment Modes:
TTL Off-Axis He-Ne TV
TTL Off-Axis Broad Band TV

Alignment Light Source: 
He-Ne laser (633 nm)
Broad Band (Halogen lamp)

Wafer Leveling: Die by die tilt,  Global tilt



Our Canon i3 steppers are offered in as-is-where-is condition

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