KARL SUSS MA150CC Mask Aligner For Sale

Model Year: 2001
Quantity: 1
Condition: Refurbished system
Serial No: Available upon request
Availability: SOLD


- Top Side Alignment
- Auto Alignment system Cognex AL3000
- Auto loading system
- Cassette to Cassette fully automatic (can also run in manual mode)
- Pre-aligner (can set up for any type of substrates- Opaque, translucent, transparant)
- Wafer size:  2", 4" ready,  upgradable to 6"
- Mask Size: 4" and 5" (can run 7" with additional hardware)
- Lamp house:  1000 W
- Lamp Power Supply: CIC1200
- Microscope: DVM 6/8 dual video microscope
- TSA-Objectives 10x/0.30
- Exposure optics UV400  (365nm, 405nm)


This mask aligner has been fully refurbished by senior factory trained technician.  It is production ready and is guaranteed to meet the original specifications.

Installation and warranty support is available worldwide !

The following work has been completed as part of our refurbishment process:

- WEC Head Rebuilt
- New UV Bulb
- New Ellipsoidal Mirror
- All optics checked, cleaned, and replaced as required
- All mechanical assemblies, and wiring inspected, cleaned, and replaced as required



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