NIKON NSR-i14 Stepper For Sale

Model Year: 2000
Quantity: 1
Condition: Refurbished system
Serial No: Available upon request
Availability: SOLD


Exact Model is  Nikon NSR-TFHi14DL
Optimized for TFH (Thin-Film Magnetic Head) substrates but can also process standard wafers

Reticle Size: 6"
Wafer : 6" Flat
Wafer thickness: 1.2mm
(No problem to run standard thickness wafers. Even thinner wafers can be run with customized wafer chucks which we can provide)

Resolution: 0.50um
Resolution in thick resist: 0.50um +/- 10%
Projection Magnification:  5x
Field: 22mm
Alignment: 50nm
NA= 0.3 - 0.45

Wafer Loader Type 3
VAX computer

Depth of Focus   (0.1um CD range)
L/S:     >=1.6um   
Iso-L:  >=1.2um

Optics Performance:
Intensity:     1035mW/cm2 actual ( Spec >= 700mW/cm2)
Uniformity:  1.078% actual   (Spec <=1.5% spec)
Distortion:   X= 30nm,  Y=27nm  (spec <= +/-40nm)



This stepper can be purchased in as-is condition or in fully refurbished condition with installation and training worldwide.

Status as of Jan 2016:
The stepper is installed in cleanroom and is fully operational and has been already ~70% refurbished

Majority of performance data is within original specs.  See attached file for Distortion map, Intensity/Uniformity, hardware/software specifics, etc.

Inspection with wafer runs can be scheduled upon request.

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