TEL ACT 8 (i-line) Coater / Developer For Sale

Model Year: 1998
Quantity: 1
Condition: Complete system
Serial No: Available upon request
Availability: SOLD


Model: A810WCWD-IF
For 200mm Wafers

Single Block configuration
Wafer flow: left to right

Carrier Station (CRA) 1x4 type with pick up stage including 6 millipore Intelligen pumps

Process Block with high speed transfer mechanism
a) Photoresist coater unit with 3 dispenses through Millipore Intelligen pumps (qty 2)
b) Developer unit with 1 solution dispensed through H-nozzle (qty 2)
c) Additional developer dispense for 1 DEV unit (qty 1)
d) LHP, Low temp hotplate (qty 10)
e) CPL, Chill plate (qty 4)
f)  ADH, Adhesion promotor unit (qty 1)
g) TCP, Transfer chill plate (qty 1)
h) Programmable bowl wash system for coater (qty 1)
i)  Programmable PTI exhaust controller (qty 4)

Interface Unit (IRA) for Canon FPA-3000 i5 stepper including one multi-buffer unit and Wafer edge exposure (WEE)

Chemical Cabinet 1
a) Pressurized tank for HMDS
b) Buffer tank for thinner, 3 liter (qty  2)
c) Buffer tank for developer, 3 liter (qty 2)

Chemical Cabinet 2
a) Degas module for developer (qty 2)
b) Degas module for thinner

Temperature Control Rack

a) Thermocon module for chill plate (qty 4)
b) Water circulation unit (qty 4)

Temperature & Humidity control unit for Coater

Software Package
a) TEL GEM on-line software
b) Cascade wafer flow software
c) System log down software

CO2 Fire Extinguisher system ready (piping and wiring)
UV/IR fire detectors (qty 3)

Extra 5 gallon Stainless steel canisters (qty 5)


Available for immediate sale in "as-is" condition. Or, we can quote it refurbished guaranteed to meet OEM specs.

Please contact us for more details and price quote.

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