CANON FPA-3000 iW Stepper For Sale

Model Year: 2000
Quantity: 1
Condition: Refurbished system
Serial No: 012329
Availability: In Stock


Wafer size: 4" / 6" / 8" (customer may specify per their requirement)
Reticle size:  6" Square
Throughput: 115wph (14 shot / 50mm / 8” Wafer)    ;   120wph (9 shot / 50mm / 6" Wafer)

General Specification and Information:
•Model:  FPA 3000 iw
•Lens Type:  UL51
•Stage Type:  ABS (Air Guided Bearing)
•Chamber Type:  CD80

Projection Optics:
•Projection Magnification: 1/2 X
•Exposure Light: 365nm
•Numerical Aperture:  0.24
•Field Size:  50X50mm ~ 47.9~52.0mm
Standard Illumination:
•Exposure Light:  i-Line
•Light Source:  2.0KW Super High Pressure Hg Lamp
•Intensity:  >2500W/m2
•Uniformity:  < 1.2%
•Masking Blade:  4 blades independent (1.0X1.0mm~52X52mm on wafer)

Printing Performance:
•Resolution:  <0.8µm
•Depth of Focus:  >4.0µm
•Image Field Deviation:  <2.5µm
•Distortion:  <±0.11µm
Focus/Leveling Performance:
•Focus Repeatability:  <0.10µm (3sigma)
•Leveling Repeatability:  <7ppm (3sigma)
•Minimum Compensation:  Range >100ppm

Wafer Alignment Performance:
•Lighting Source:  He-Ne Laser, Broad Band(Halogen Lamp)
•Signal Process:  TV Image Processing
•System:  Off Axis TTL
•Mode:  AGA
Standard Stage Specification:
•Step Accuracy:  <0.05µm (3sigma)
•Scaling:  <±1.0ppm
•Orthogonality:  <±1.0ppm
Standard Alignment Specification:
•Reticle Rotation Accuracy:  <±0.02µm
•Wafer Alignment:  <0.10µm mean + 3sigma
•Reticle Rotation Repeatability:  <0.05µm)


This Canon iW stepper has been fully refurbished by our team.  It is being offered with installation and 3 months parts and labor warranty worldwide.

Full operational demo is available at our Livermore, CA USA litho lab.  No commitment required to see tool demonstration.  Simply contact us if you would like to schedule a visit to our facility.

Parts Available For CANON FPA-3000 iW Stepper

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